Richard Branson: Education isn’t always useful

Virgin Group founder Sir Richard Branson says that formal education isn’t always important for those who are interested in entrepreneurism. In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Richard Branson said that schools are there to educate the masses but entrepreneurs rebel against that. 
He said that he left school at 15 and educated himself in the real world. He learn the art of entrepreneurism by just getting out there and doing it.
“I’ve seen my life as one long education that I never had,” Branson told Bloomberg.
“If you have a good idea, that you feel can make a difference to people’s lives, I suspect you will be better off not building up a big debt of student debt. The danger is if you fail you don’t have an education to fall back on.”
A lack of formal education did not stop Branson from bringing his company up. “Obviously for other professions, school sand universities can be quite useful.”
“Personally I don’t look at how many A levels they had or what their academic career was. I look more at what experiences they’ve had in life, what kind of person they are,” Branson said. “Having said that, if they are going to build our rockets, we’d like a rocket scientist.”
He also mention that when he was a child, he was hopeless in school and later in hi adulthood he discovered that he had dyslexia. Dyslexia, also known as reading disorder or alexia,  is a learning difficulty characterized by trouble reading despite a normal intelligence.
“I think people have an affinity to the Virgin brand because we don’t talk above them or talk down to them.”
Branson says having a learning disability taught him to become a good delegator because he released how important it was to find great people who could step in and deal with his weaknesses.
In fact he says it is a lesson all business leaders could learn. “Too many leaders try to cling on and do everything themselves and never let go and therefore they never grow a group of companies like Virgin.” he said

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