Reason for you to sleep without any clothes!


So how many of you sleep without clothes? Good for you guys.

For those who sleep with full pajamas with comforter, do read this post, it might change your mind. Complain cold? Well, reduce the air-conditioning then!.

Here are the benefits and reason for you to sleep without clothes!.


1. Better for you private parts, for Ladies.

After whole day of being covered, it is better to let it breathe for the night. It is better to air it out, this may prevent over growth of yeast and bacteria. 


2. Look and feel more hotter.

Being too warm (Because you are all covered with cloths.) at night is not good for your skin and hair. Once your body is cooler at night, it will encourage the release of melatonin and growth hormone is release which helps to regenerate our body.


3. Better sleep. 

As mention above, sleeping without clothes will keep your body temperature cooler, thus you will have an even better sleep.


4. Lose belly fat.

Having a better sleep as been pointed out in point 3, this will allow our level of stress hormone to decrease and also allows our body to be repaired efficiently. If we do maintain our exercises, the results will be much faster.


5. Better Intercourse.

Couple sleeping together without any clothes will only strengthen the bond and will also lead to better intercourse. Skin to skin interactions will only increase the ‘feel-good’ chemicals among each other. 


Do sleep without any clothes on from tonight onward! 

Have a wonderful sleep!




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