Ragnarok Online is now Free to Play on Steam


That’s right guys and girls, Ragnarok Online is finally now available on Steam and it is free to play. 

Rahnarok Online is a Korean MMOPRG that took Asia by storm when it launched in 2002. At that time it was one of the top MMORPG in Malaysia. 

Newer MMORPG players would wonder why a game with hybrid 2D-3D graphics and click-and-wait combat system would matter now. On the other hand, older players are probably taking a trip down memory lane about farming quest items, party expeditions, or exciting boss fights — among the many things that may have bred dark circles under their eyes and put their school work in jeopardy if not careful.


If you guys want to download this game click here: Steam / Download Ragnarok Online

If you’d like to try Ragnarok Online on Steam, you can download the Steam client for free from their Offical Website. Aside from more information and updates, you can also find Ragnarok Online forums, the official game group, and community groups on Ragnarok Online’s Steam’s Page

Enjoy gaming folks 🙂

Written by Kesavan

Co-Founder of FM (FunnyMalaysia.Net), one of the leading media company in Malaysia for the social age, intensely focused on delivering high quality original reporting, insights and viral contents.