Racist and Unprofessional RapidKL Bus Driver

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Well, today let me tell you a wonderful story of a RapidKL bus driver who was very unprofessional and a racist idiot. His name is Roslan bin Ibrahim (10008475) who was driving a U70 Bus from Pasar Seni to Puchong on Thursday (15 Jan 2014). Few incidents took place throughout my journey from Pasar Seni to Puchong. I’ll briefly explain about each and every incident that happened.
Firstly, everyone got into the bus once it arrives at Pasar Seni. An Indian uncle came with his family inside the bus. His wife and children went to sit at the back. He told the idiotic bus driver he’s going Puchong Prima. The Bus Driver asked “berapa orang?”. The uncle said ” 2 Dewasa 2 Kecil”. Then the bus driver so rudely asked “mana dia?”. The uncle said they’re at the back and one is 9 years old and one more is 5 years old. Then the bus driver gave him the tickets with a very annoying face.
Secondly, right after the Pasar Seni bus stop, there was a another bus stop just few metres away. Unfortunately, there was a traffic congestion and all the vehicles were moving slowly. This bus driver could’ve stopped at the bus stop because there was an Old Chinese lady roughly around 70 years old wants to get in the bus. She looked too old and very weak but she was carrying many bags and a walking stick with her. But this idiotic bus driver did not stop and ignored her. She knocked on the bus and asked him to stop. She looked so tired. This idiot driver told the lady, “Woi,pergi mampus lar! Kacau je. Naik bus lain la. Ishhh! “. The moment when he told that I’ve got hurt but I was so angry on him. Pity the old grandma. I hope she’s alright. But just 50 metres away from the bus stop on the same road, a Malay or Indonesian young lady stopped the bus and he immediately opened the door and let her in. He was not supposed to stop there because it wasn’t a bus stop at all. I got even angrier because he could stop the bus for someone who did not wait at the bus stop but not for the old Chinese lady who waited at the bus stop.
Thirdly, a primary school Indian Student get into the bus and said he want to go Old Klang Road Batu 3. This driver asked him again where he wants to go. The boy repeated again OKR Batu 3. This driver said,” lain kali cakap betul-betul. Aku tak dengar apa you cakap lar”. The boy smiled and stood near him waiting for his stop.
Fourthly, an old Indian lady got into the bus from the back door of the bus at Jalan Puchong near Sri Jati Condominium which is right infront of the KFC. This idiotic driver asked the lady,” Woi,you pakai apa? Woi aunty,you pakai apa?. The lady was slowly coming infront to the driver. And this driver said, ” Woi Aunty,buka mulut jawab. Jawab lar. Aku cakap bahasa Melayu kan bukan Bahasa India ka apa. Jawab lar aunty”. He shouted rudely to the aunty. The lady was so calm and told him, “sorry lar anak,saya tak tahu kena naik depan sebab saya jarang naik bus. Sorry ye”. This driver shouted again at her,” lain kali kalau tak tahu,jangan naik. Ini bukan metro la. Naik belakang. Naik depan. Lain kali guna bus,naik depan lar. Ishhhh!”. He shouted so loudly infront of everyone inside the bus. The lady said,” kenapa you marah saya sekarang? Tak hormat saya? Saya dah cakap sorry kan”. And he said, ” apa sorry sorry. You hormat saya dulu lepas tu saya akan hormat. Orang tua semua ni memang macam ni. Mana you nak pergi?”. She said, Puchong Jaya. He answered it’s RM 2. The lady told him ” Woah,kenapa banyak mahal? RM2?? He said, ” Memang lar RM 2. Kalau tak nak,you turun sekarang. Ish. I tak nak layan you lagi lar”. And he stopped the bus and insisted her to get down. But she stayed in the bus and hesitated to get down. He waited for few minutes and then continued driving. This was such a racist act! He talked so rudely and did not even respect the lady. Made me even angrier!
He treated the Malays kindly and other Malaysians rudely. He did not even bothered to respect the old ages and parents with kids. He gave so much of priorities only to Malays but not the others! Why he has to be such a racist idiot? Why does he has to treat people based on their origins or religion? It’s not my first time seeing a useless RapidKL bus driver but this time it’s just over the limit.
Throughout the journey, all this happened. Not only this,but he ignored many people at the bus stops and only stopped the bus at certain stops. He drove so fast and without control. He don’t even know how to speak proper English and Malay. How can he become a driver of such a good company? How did you evaluated him? How did you interviewed him? Syarikat Prasarana Negara Berhad, is this how a professional bus driver should behave? Just imagine if they were tourists in the bus,what would their impressions be about Malaysian bus drivers? Such an embarrassment to all Malaysians. Why did he behaved so rudely? Just recently, there are some posters on Moral values in every RapidKL bus. So what are the reasons of the posters? To educate people and spread love? How is that possible when your own Bus drivers behaving stupidly.
I hope RapidKL (Syarikat Prasarana Negara Berhad) will take strict actions on this driver. We don’t need stupid and unprofessional drivers. Shame on your company for hiring those kind of people. We’re moving forward to become a high income and well developed nation. But seeing all this,makes me to wonder how is that possible by the year 2020 when we have this kind of stupid racist idiots. Vision 2020 might not be achieved!
Dear Malaysians,no matter who you are but atleast respect each other and care for one another. Work together as Malaysians! Be proud as a Malaysian! Let’s prove to this world, we’re United as one. Moderation is the key to our success.
I hope everyone will share this news around. We could make a difference. Say no to Racism! SMILE ALWAYS ~~> Budi Bahasa Budaya Kita!
Please do report about him to SPAD and RapidKL. Thank you for your time.
KavinKumar Puvanesan ✔
I’m not fighting for myself or my race, but I’m fighting as a Malaysian!

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