R.I.P Jaring – Malaysia’s first internet provider in liquidation

jaring malaysia shuts down
Jaring Communications Sdn Bhd is Malaysia’s first internet provider and it was recently put under the care of a liquidator after a court order. 
The news was met with a mix of sadness and happiness by a key figure who was instrumental in pioneering the internet service in the country some 30 years ago, Dr Mohamed Awang Lah.
In a Facebook posting yesterday, the former Jaring chief executive officer said he was sad that the entity he had helped to start back in 1986 under the name RangKoM, later launched as Jaring in 1992, had been left to deteriorate into the present condition.
Jaring was also a subsidiary of Mimos and subsequently taken over by the Finance Ministry in 2007.
“I no longer have any links with this company after retiring in 2010. However, to me this incident is to me sad and happy at the same time.
“Sad because the entity that introduced internet service in Malaysia has come to this. Happy because a more responsible party has been given the duty to manage it temporarily.
“I hope it will be turned around soon,” he said.
In August last year, Jaring was bought over by Utusan Printcorp for a sum reportedly amounting to more than RM100 million. Jaring was bought for RM100 million???!

wtf is this bullshit

Just a few months later however, some 70 Utusan Printcorp staff held a protest to demand their unpaid salaries which was three months in arrears. Jaring staff were also among those reported not to have received their pay.
Jaring was also among three contractors that received a full payment of RM88.13 million by the Ministry of Communication and Multimedia for an incomplete broadband project in Sabah and Sarawak, according to the first series of the Auditor-General’s Report 2014, as reported by the New Straits Times online.

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