Questions Malaysian Parents Ask You

asian parents

1. Have you eaten?

They never fail to ask us this question. Well, this is another way for them to show how much they love us

2. Where are you?

They will ask you this question when they call you on the phone

3. When is your exam??

when is exam

This is usually asked if you are in college or high school

4. Why I don’t see you studying!?

Two words – Asian parents

5. Do you know what time is it!?

please come back

If you are always back home late, then you certainly get this a lot

6. Why you always go out with that person?

That’s right — on top of that, they will also say that the person you go out with is not a good person and he/she will spoil your life

7. Who is that guy or girl!? Your boyfriend/girlfriend!?

This is a sensitive issue for most of our parents. They ask you this question and follows up with the advice regarding studies.. And whatever you answer to protect yourself, they will say “DON’T LIEEEEEE”

8. Do you think money grow on tree?

money why no tree

9. Why you eat outside all the time?? Eat at home and save money lahhh!

10. The only question they never ask us but we wish they asked is….Got enough money ah?

waiting for question

Unfortunately, they never do and we are still waiting for them to ask us

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