Putting up a cross will NOT sway you from your beliefs

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I attended St John’s Kindergarten and continued studying at Main Convent Ipoh, both institutions have many crosses all over the building. St John’s has its own church where non Muslim students are required to attend masses and Convent has its own Chapel with many statues of Jesus and Mother Mary.
15 years receiving education in monasteries like building and atmosphere where respect of one’s religion and good virtues are constantly practiced. Did all of these sway my faith on my religion? Did I suddenly wake up denouncing my religion and embrace Christianity?! A resounding NO! In fact I began to understand Christian more and how Islam and Christians have similar traits as we are after all religion based on a book.
Understanding your religion is utmost crucial. Don’t be an idiot trying to negate others from practicing, blaming others of swaying your youth’s faith. You should have faith in your own religion and able to provide your offsprings fundamental religious practice and understanding. Only people who does not understand their own religion say stupid things like putting up a cross will sway you from your belief.
When the Prophet Muhammad migrated to Medina, and part of his role his role as head of the State he demanded that clear laws of governance be laid out to ensure harmony and stability in a society which once had been distraught by decades of war, one which must ensure the peaceful coexistence of Muslims, Jews, Christians and polytheists. Due to this, the Prophet laid down a ‘constitution’ which detailed the responsibilities of all parties which resided in Medina, their obligations towards each other, and certain restrictions which were placed on each. All parties were to obey what was mentioned therein, and any breach of its articles was regarded as an act of treachery. One fundamental trait of this constitution was that everyone is considered members and citizens of Medina society regardless of religion, race, or ancestry and any attack on other religion or tribe was considered an attack on the state and upon the Muslims as well.
So how is this act of protesting outside a Church is considered Islamic again and what are you afraid off that you have to negate others from practicing freely? Your own shadow perhaps?!!
End of rant!
Yom Sharina

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