Procrastination!? All of us does it! How to stop it!? read here!.


Malaysians love to procrastinate. Don’t deny it!. Procrastinate means delay, we always delay, we have a deadline to chase,but somehow we still have time to on facebook, to check mail, to chat, to play with games and so on. We don’t give full concentration and effort to finish it. In the process of finishing it, we must do something else which will eventually cause delay and everything will be last minute work and messed up then it’s continues self blaming and anger. After all that, we still continue to do the same thing.

So how do we stop this? We definitely need discipline, and here are some other tips:


1. Divide and Conquer.


If we see a pile of jobs that need to be done which is too much for us, we make just breakdown, our mind will tell us it is too much and we subconsciously want to delay the job. To escape from that, just divide the jobs to smaller task and things would seems simpler and you would just finish it up.


2. Reconstruct your surroundings.

Work Desk

Your work desk might be in a huge mess, or even your lighting position, and many other factors. Just re-arrange everything, tidy up your desk and make it look good. Make it a place where you feel like just want to work and you would be comfortable to work.


3. Work schedule.


Try to create a specific work schedule and detailed dateline for your own self. After you have done step one, try to draw out a work schedule for each task, when to do it and when to complete it. Try your best to follow your own work schedule.


4. Get an Idol/inspiration or just a buddy.


Idol/inspirational people, you have to have one of them, such as Steve Jobs. Read all the successful people quotes. You will find some similarity in them and none of them ever ask you to procrastinate, but to get your job done. If that is not enough, try to find a buddy. A good buddy which the both of you can inspire one another or motivate each other. It would be so much more fun. Both of you set separate goals and both of you try to achieve them by motivating one another.


5. Just do it. 


Well, we are not promoting for Nike. But at the end, this is the final piece of advice. Set your mind to just doing it. This would be the most powerful thing. No one can help yourselves except you. You can plan all of the above steps, but a good plan remains a good plan if no action is taken. So, Just do it!.

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