Problems Only Mixed-Race People In Malaysia Understands

mixed malaysians

1. You have a problem filling this things out


2. You always get sick of people asking you “What are you?”

what are you

3. After you answer their question about “What are you?”…They continue with the next question which is “So, where are your parents from?”

4. Then it follows by “What’s your name?”…Which you find weird to answer because you know your name doesn’t fit your looks

makes more sense

5. You tend to go to different cultural events and you still don’t fit perfectly in those events as they treat you a little different


6. That’s because of two facts:

  • Is because of your looks…Clearly you don’t look the same as them
  • If you can communicate in their language..They stare at you the whole time you are talking as if you are performing in a show

7. But if you can’t speak in that certain language, they either look down on you or they just make fun of you…Not cool

8. People say its fun being a mixed-race because you get to celebrate different festivals…But that only last when you are young..As you get older, you will need to start picking sides because as you get older, you live on your own and your budget increases every time you celebrate two festivals in a year (Since in Malaysia, festival means giving ang pau or duit raya)

ang pay

9. Speaking about festivals, most of us just give up and celebrate all sort of festivals..And when we say celebrate, we meant going to friends/families house and whacking all the food – It’s free

ate too much

10. And then it comes to the time where you need to choose names for your kids

funny names

You want your kids name to reflect all the cultures in their blood, but sometimes the only way to do that is to make up really strange ones…And our kids will basically go through the same thing we did..

11. We sure do have our own problems but those problems just fades away when a certain people acknowledge you as ‘exotic’..That’s right!! When you call us exotic, it makes us feel special!

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