PornHub Launches Fitness Program That Gets You Fit by ”Sexercising”

Thinking of subscribing for a gym membership with your other half? Think no further and visit now and find out how our sexercise routines wont just get you fit, they’ll get you fit as f**k.


Think of it as the Wii Fit for sex. Users can now shred in bed and enjoy some stimulating ”sexercise”.

How to do you operate BangFit?

Users may attach the smart phone to their waist with a belt. According to the website store, the belts are sold out, though it’s suggested that users attach their phones to themselves any way possible.

Sync BangBand

Bangfit band

You then can go to the BangFit website, select how many players there will be, and sync your phone and the other player’s phone then simply try to mimic the motions of the “exercise” videos.



The accelerometer in your smartphone captures your movements and gives you a score based on accuracy and approximately how many calories were burned.

You can also share your impressive high scores on social media to compare with your friends.


Porn God

Try it now. Click here to play

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