Police nabbed 69 wanted criminals – Police not only targeting Indians said SDCP


The ongoing Ops Cantas Khas which was operating since Aug 17, have detained about 69 criminals on the police wanted list. 

According to State police chief Senior Deputy Comm Datuk Mohd Mokhtar Mohd Shariff said the 69 were among 2,445 arrested.

From the criminals who has been detained, 26 were involved in commercial crimes, 1080 was related to drug related offences and the remaining were arrested for crimes such as robbery and possession of dangerous weapons. 

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Those who were nabbed according to police:

Malays = 1,394

Chinese = 445

Indians = 301

Others  = the remaining balance

SDCP Mohd Mokhtar criticised certain quarters who claimed that the police were only targeting Indians in the crackdown.

“We are not targeting only one race. The police are colour blind and we arrest criminals based on investigations and proof,” he said, adding that 9,000 police personnel were involved in the crackdown. – The star

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