Pokemon Go is becoming a dating app in Japan


In Japan, a full quarter of adult over 30 are virgins. The middle-aged adult virgin is such a common phenomenon that there is now a popular term for it, Yaramiso which is a combination of yarazu (to not have sex) and misoji (a person in their 30s).

Luckily, Pokemon Go is reinvigorating the Yaramiso, as well as anyone else who is interested. In a bid to capitalise on the game’s success, a startup has begun hosting match-making events based around the hunt for Pokemon.

It’s called the Pokemon Gokon (a Japanese word for ‘group date’) encourages it’s participants to ‘Go Play Together’, explaining that meeting through the game is easier than real life, “because between those who are playing in the same game, it is good that there is no first to talk awkwardness.”

The first two Gokons were held successfully in Tokyo and Kanagawa Prefecture recently, with more planned around the capital. Each event charges RM41 (¥1,000) for women and RM82 (¥2,000) for men.

Written by FunnyMalaysia

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