Photographer Disrespects China’s Forbidden City by taking inappropriate ”Sexy pictures”

Recently, a series of photos starring a female model wearing no clothings at Beijing’s historic Forbidden City has lit up social media as a viral image of the panty less women straddling the head of an ancient marble dragon at the formal imperial palace did not go over well with many Chinese web users. 


Neither did the rest of the pictures of the model flashing her shirtless body  at the camera as she leaned over some stone handrails to enjoy a view of the iconic site.
“I was only doing my work and did not affect anyone,” photographer Wang Dong reportedly said after web users accused him of ‘profaning’ cultural relics.


Shan Jixiang, director of the Palace Museum stated that the Forbidden City is a “sacred place” where people should respect cultures in order to protect the cultural heritage site’s dignity.


”We very much welcome artists from all over the world to make artistic creations. But the indecent photo shoots not only go against social morality, order and good customs, but also harm the relics and the dignity of the cultural heritage. This should be condemned by all society,” she said.
She continued by stating that the Forbidden City has been taking extra measures to enhance the security while installing an “all-seeing eye monitor system” that has 2,100 sets of cameras covering every corner of the landmark, while also managing the amount of weekly visits they get.

Written by FunnyMalaysia

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