Petition To Save Uber Before SPAD Bans It Completely

Since launching in Malaysia a little more than a year ago, Uber has already empowered public transport user with a safe and reliable alternative to one of the most notorious taxi system in the world.

Taxi special interest groups with entrenched interest in protecting their current way of doing business have increased their pressure on the government to outlaw ride service provider such as Uber.

Uber has created countless jobs and served the Rakyat with safe and reliable ride.

The move by SPAD to “crush” Uber will protect a dated and largely broken taxi system at the expense of the new transportation industry that is bringing real benefits to the ordinary Rakyat — all simply to protect the pocket of one of the worst taxi system in the world.

We call on our elected representative to take a pragmatic approach to regulating this new, improved alternative to our broken taxi system and not to give in to the voice of the taxi thugs! 

Link to Sign This Petition: Save Uber Malaysia

Written by FunnyMalaysia

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