Pervert in Midvalley Caught for Recording Up A Girls Skirt


Girls, beware especially those wearing skirt/dress at mall. Today happen to my gf 8th august 2015, 6.10pm at midvalley. We was walking back to car park from “the garden” to “mid valley” at the middle of bridge level 1 going level 2 escalator, one of my mistake that forget to stand behind my gf when we using escalator, then a man who came from no where until i saw the pervert is recording video when we was about landing at level 2.


I saw him recording and i start to pull his hand off and wanted to take his phone, he said he didn’t do anything, he asked me “why want take my phone”. From the moment i know that he is recording upskirt video, i start to shout at him to keep attention from other people first then he keep on said sorry, forgive me, let me find some “Food” to eat(in chinese). The moment i was like what the fuck u mean find some food? burning cd? i started to piss off and keep pulling him over because he trying to escape. Finally there are group of people came over and ask me what happen and i told them he is recording lady upskirt video. The group of people start to help me to pull over the pervert to prevent he escape until security and police came.



WELL!!!!! do report at Midvalley security control room, we found out that there is many more videos in his phone and one of the video is my gf. So we went to police station at Midvally right beside starbucks to do polis report as well. The pervert is begging me not to report and let him go, he will delete it, “GIVE HIM CHANCE PLS!” so i ask that pervert “let u go to have another chance to take another girl upskirt video?”

We went to Polis station Jalan Travers to meet sajan to do a detail report. BUT the sajan only ask me half of the story line only. SO! At the end the suspect didn’t come over when sajan ask us go back first. So i ask where is the suspect, i want see him and been lokap now. Sajan told me he was otw, u guys go back first.

So i said i wait here then, but he refuse me he told me to go back first if anything i will call you. Sajan said that this is “small case”. OK, i know is small case, so that mean u not gonna do anything toward him? so he is allow to do video record on lady upskirt? WOW! from the moment i already know that the suspect will be safe even we do polis report.

GUYS, take care of your gf especially she is wearing skirt/dress when using escalator. HERE IS MY REMINDER FOR EVERYONE OUT THERE beware of this PERVERT!

I hope the people around during the incident did record video and post this incident because by now we have no one who taking video during this incident but only photos. Hope those people who recorded PLEASE post it before it happen again by someone else!

PLEASE SHARE to create awareness for such a “SMALL CASE”!

Kean Yong

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