Pervert in Kota Damansara

pervert from kota damansara-compressed
Recently the images below that was uploaded by Susan Ho went viral on Facebook. 
According to the pervert himself who is known as Daniel AY, he mentioned that he owns a couple of business (we are not sure how true is this) which is located in Kota Damansara. The images below will give you a better understanding on whats happening.
1. The moment he started talking to her…He is already being a pervert

daniel ay1

2. It goes on
3. He kept going

daniel ay3

4. And he tried to be a little nice

daniel ay4

5. And he started being stupid again

daniel ay5

6. And he started putting the blame on her

daniel ay6

7. He is now offensive 

daniel ay7

8. More offensive 

daniel ay8

9. And when he realize Susan Ho posted all the conversation on Facebook…He said this

daniel ay9

10. And apparently, Susan Ho is not the only target.. (This was sent to Yuki Bii)

susan ho

11. And he was also mean to her
This post was sent to us anonymously. If you have any interesting post, do send it in here and do include the source to your points for our reference.

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