Pak Mie (The Dog Lover) and his wife has been ordered to evict their home at Tanjung Bendahara

pak mie

The famous Pak Mie or also known as Muhammad Azmi Ismail and his wife was recently ordered to move out from their home which is occupied with 800 stray dogs.

According to The Star, Alor Star City Council (MBAS) had issued a warning and the deadline was on the 31st of December 2013. MBAS environmental control department director, Halim Mat Akhir, said that it’s Pak Mie’s duty to find a new location for all his beloved animal as Pak Mie did not follow the instructions of MBAS to upgrade the shelter.

pak mie shelter

However, according to Pak Mie, he followed all the instructions and health procedures but MBAS wants to see more upgrading including building a new roof, cement floors, better drainage systems and as well as a septic tank. 

Despite all that, Pak Mie is still hoping for them to change their heart and allowing them to continue living there. Currently, the couple are still relying on public donations to keep the shelter on going.