Ozone Oxygen In-Ear ProGaming Headset Review


History of Ozone Gaming:

Up until this year, we’d never even heard of Ozone Gaming as their presence in Malaysia is not existent… well, not yet anyway. Ozone Gaming Gear is an European brand (Spanish) of gaming peripherals that revolves around the concept of ” It’s all about Evolution”.

OZONE is a brand created by and for gamers, the evolution is part of our gaming life, we all want to improve and evolve into a better gaming contender.

OZONE is committed to the development, engineering and evolution of innovative gaming peripherals with an unique style and the best performance, to allow gamers to exceed their limits and become the best. It’s all about evolution.

OZONE provides customers with wide range of gaming gadgets such as Headphones, Earphones, Mouses and also Keyboards at the right price.

Introduction to the Ozone Oxygen In-Ear ProGaming Headset:


1). The Key Feature of the Ozone Oxygen In-Ear ProGaming Headset:

– Premium Stereo Sound: The Ozone Oxygen In-Ear ProGaming Headset delivers high quality sound. The human ear hears sounds in stereo, and the brain uses the subtle differences in sounds entering the left and right ears to locate sounds. The Oxygen´s high technology really helps your brain to get every single detail of the game, music, film.

– Advance Ergonomic Designs: The Ozone Oxygen have clever ergonomics design which fits perfects in any ear. It also feels comfortable when wearing it. The Ozone Oxygen Headset comes with two pair of spare ear pads to be sure that It stays in place no matter what you do wearing them.

– Secure Protection Case: It also comes with a secure protection case which is really useful to keep your Oxygen In-ear programing headset away from scuffs and scratches. 

– PTT Function Microphone: PTT stands for Push To Talk. You can push to answer incoming calls while you are using the Ozone Oxygen In-ear progaming headset connected to your smartphone.

2. Technical Specifications:

  • 11mm Ø dynamic driver
  • 116 dB/mW
  • 24 Ohm impedance
  • 120cm cable
  • 15g weight


Performance of The Ozone Oxygen:

When we first got our hands on the Ozone’s Oxygen, we quickly tried it on with a few games and also listening to some music. We are amazed that this little headsets actually do produce very heavy bass. It is really a good bargain for midrange headsets for gaming. We tried it on the recent game, Battlefield 4 and it felt like a real war was going on in the back of our heads. The sound quality is amazing for this little headset which you would never expect. 

This in ear headset makes good enough for mobile gaming rather than for the PCs as most gamers prefer full sized headsets for gaming at home. If you are gaming on a table or on your gaming laptop, this headset would be practical. 

As it is generally a good in-ear headset, it lacks some sound stage projection as the sound is very left/right instead of spacial. It is alright compared to other headsets which are priced around RM120 (30 Euros). The Ozone Oxygen is good enough for people that want a decent headset which does not cost them too much. A gaming headset on budget, well we recommend you to get this in-ear headset for gaming. 

Although it makes an ”alright” headsets for gaming, it performs well with bass-intensive music unlike many other lower end headsets which does not add a lot of coloration to the midrange. Te Ozone Oxygen produces more consistent bass performance than any other headsets around that price. The other down fall for this product. when it comes to the hip treble, it is not as amazing to the bass. If you are into bass, this is definitely a headset for you. If you are into hip hop and R&B, we would not recommend you to get this headsets. 

The secure protection case that is included when you buy the Ozone Oxygen is a good accessory if you do not like your earphone or headsets getting all tangled up. It helps you keep it safe from scuffs and scratches. It feels comfortable wearing them as you can change the ear pads to which sizes you want them to be. We found this very useful as most of the earphones or headsets out there has only one standard size. 



The Good:

– Really heavy Bass

– Value for Money

– Design works well with all sizes of ears

– Microphone and Remote is a good touch

The Bad:

– It feels like it is fragile 

– Not a lot of treble

– Might not be the best headsets for gaming

If money is your concern, and you want to get something on budget, we would recommend you to get the Ozone Oxygen headset. It is priced around RM120 (30 Euros). What we really liked about the Ozone Oxygen headset is that it comes with handy accessories. The build quality can be better but the sound quality is satisfying enough in most cases. The microphone is a nice touch to the headsets and it performs well in places that are not too noisy. Overall we would say it is an ”satisfactory” headset for many people out there

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