Other Family Members of Mat Rempit

Disclaimer: This post was created for immature audience only. It’s merely to stimulate fun.

1. Car Rempit


Just like the Mat Rempit but richer with their fully modded cars such as SLK(Smart Little Kancil), Saga Turbo, Beng-Wira, Suck-tria, Wa-Jadi-Lotion or ProtonJunk-2. There are also very wealthy Car Rempits who use super cars such as Civic EG, Toyota Vios, Nissan Sentra or Ferrari Enzo-ciplak.

Normally they race in the public road or highway. Besides speeding and drifting in the illegal F1 they can perform other amazing stunts like the Mat Rempits such as the wheelie, wikang, pacak or even the Superman. Stickers all over the surface and the big mirror,Mitsubishi logo and loud exhaust, GT-Wing or gigantic spoilers are a MUST for their modified cars.

2. Mat Salleh

white guy with asian ladies

The white people from the west are know as Mat Salleh for the village people. It was believe some of the Mat Rempit ancestors were Mat Salleh. Thus they sharing the same surname Mat.

3. Bus Rempit


Also known as Bas F1. Ex-Mat Rempits who are now working as a bus driver or father of the Mat Rempit. They display the same craziness as the Car Rempits and the Mat Rempits, and much worse. They love to block a 3-lane road to become a bus stop.

4. Lorry Rempit


Also known as Lori Hantu. Same as the Bus Rempits but they are more furious with their big and powerful vehicles. Lorry Rempits are also known as invisible men as they are always missing after getting involved in a traffic accident

5. Taxi Rempit

Taxi Drivers

Also known as Teksi Terbang. Besides giving their passengers heart attacks when they zig-zag through trafic (and also crazy taxi fares), they are now encouraged to have side businesses within their cars to have more money for cigarettes and sirih.

6. Pizza Rempit


Mat Rempits with a job in the food buisness. Normally not found under normal conditions, these uniformed Mat Rempit fly out of a fast food restaurant on their EX5 Dreams at about 100 km/h everytime the number 1300-88-2525 is called. Sometimes more powerful bikes such as the RX-Z are found outside their headquarters, probably used for faster deliveries (and more splatted brain toppings on the road if you don’t get your pizza in 20 minutes).

They are also capable of all Mat Rempit stunts especially the 12 o’clock wheelie (the pizza box acts as a stabiliser). However, this kind of Rempit is actually USEFUL to our community; you never have to wait long for food (as long as the rider doesn’t do a Deadman stunt).

7. Mat Skodeng


Skodeng in Malay means spy which is Malaysia’s National Islamic Counsil idea to have our own secret agent a.k.a Mat Skodeng to spy for Tangkap-Basah.

8. Minah Rempit


The female companion to the Mat Rempit. They act as prostitutes on a motorcycle who craves for a gangbang. Sadly, most of these girls were victims of MRC (Malaysia’s Rape Culture), you know lah, 20 years of anti-English education system, clever-clever politicians, Asian value, excessive moral, Datukship, rasuah etc….aaaiiyoh!

9. Mat Cyclop 

He is the powerful Malay hero. Mat Cyclop is a hero living in the jungle. Actually he is normal human being until one day he was bitten by an AIDS infected wild boar and the HIV virus gain him mysterious power to transform into Mat Cyclop. His eyes turned into two eggs, a keris logo appeared at his chest and pig-skinned cloak on his body. He has rope on his neck in order to swing from tree to tree.

When the Malayians get lost on their way back from jungle, they will shout….”Help, Help, Help, Mat Cyclop”. After that, the Mat cyclop appear to rescue. One day, Mat Cyclop was having his favourite dish — Nasi Lemak. Suddenly he was chocked to death by a “IKAN BILIS”. The Malaysians made a remembrance statue for him.

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