Orang Asli cheated into voting for Barisan National (BN)


There were several testimonies from some orang asli, claiming that they were cheated into voting for Barisan National during the GE13 (General Election) on May 5. 

Village head of Cameron Highlands, Yok En said that he and the other village heads in Pahang were called for a meeting at the Orang Asli Advancement Department with ” Datul Adnan” in early May before the election. 

The village head said that he did not know who is Datuk Adnan was. 

”All I know is that the village heads were given RM200 for the coming that day for our transport and food” 

Yok En said that he claimed that money was given out in his area at a later day by Datuk Seri G Palanivel, who won the Cameron Highlands parliamentary seat.

‘Barsian also had promised these orang asli to build roads and to improve their schools that they have in their village. 

Another witness from the constituency, Sani Sobang, 33, said that his village head had warned everyone to vote for Barisan or medical aid and emergency helicopter services to the village would be halted.

“We were told that if we didn’t vote for BN the police would charge us,” he said. – The Star

Written by Kesavan

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