One Year Continuous Rain In Malaysia

rain in malaysia

Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Datuk Wilfred Madius Tangau told The New Straits Times‘ Aliza Shah that the “La Nina” phenomenon is expected to hit Malaysia in November. It doesn’t stop on that same month itself, but might continue for nine to twelve months.

“The La Nina phenomenon (with 75 per cent probability) is expected to occur after October. It typically extends for up to nine and 12 months.

“However, it is still early to predict its intensity as this can only be confirmed after October,” he told the daily.

Madius was also said that the strong La Nina effect could shorten the period of the Northeast monsoon and cause the temperature to drop by as much as 2 degrees Celcius.

“Generally, the La Nina phenomenon will cause the rainfall to be increased over Sabah and the eastern part of Sarawak, especially during the Northeast monsoon,” he told the NST.

“During a strong La Nina, the mean temperature for the country can also be decreased between 0.5°C and 2°C and the period of the Northeast monsoon will be shortened,” he was quoted further.