One of the most deadliest mountains in the world, Mount Huashan

mount huashan deadliest mountain in the world

People hike due to the challenge they face which they crave for. But when it comes to Mount Huashan in China, it’s either you are craving for some serious challenge in your life or you just don’t know what is it all about.

We have discovered a video on YouTube and featured it as you can see above just for you to see on how dangerous is it. You can see that the man in the video is walking on top of planks which are put together in order to just get across the mountain.

This is not a place for an average hiker to look for challenge, it’s a place for real-thrill seekers. There are some people that prefer to climb this Mount Huashan when the sky is dark and that’s to avoid the gut-wrenching views.

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