Nvidia’s GTX980 Beats 780 Ti in Benchmarks


Leading GPU-maker Nvidia has done it again with its new flagship GPU, the GTX 980 that is set to retail for $549 in the US.

The GTX980 is said to focus on power efficiency with the company boasting that the GPU will have 2 times the performance per watt of the older Kepler based GTX680 with its latest Maxwell architecture.

The GTX 980 has a TDP of 165W, which compares favorably to the 195W of the GTX 680 and the 250W of the GTX 780 Ti. It comes packed with:

  • 4GB of 7Ghz GDDR5 memory
  • 256-bit bus width
  • 2048 CUDA cores
  • base clock of 1126Mhz
  • boost clock of 1216Mhz
  • 2MB of cache
  • two six-pin inputs for power
  • (on reference versions of the GPU) Nvidia’s aluminium cooler.


The GTX980 comes with via one DVI port, One HDMI 2.0 port and three full size display ports. If you are planning to game at ultra smooth 4K gaming and this is the card to get (2 of this cards will do fine). A single card can game up to 2160p at smooth frame rates.

The best thing about the GTX980 that is shows admirable performance compared to the older GTX780 and the AMD’s R9 290X which causes a bomb and also these two older cards which requires more power.

In addition, Nvidia is releasing the GTX 970, which is based on the same Maxwell GM204 chip as in the GTX 970. It features 1664 CUDA cores, a slower clock and boost speed of 1050Mhz and 1178Mhz, but a cheaper price of $329 in the US, and £259 in the UK.

This would be the end of the GTX 780Ti, GTX 780 and the GTX 770 as the prices of this cards are priced more than the latest GTX 980 and 970. Many retailers will be clearing their existing stocks and we would hope to see a good bargain from the older cards.

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