Non muslim students are leaving SK Seri Pristana due to intimidation. Following the case of students eating in the changing room.


It has been reported that at least three non mulsim students are leaving SK Seri Pristana and 10 more will eventually follow to leave the school. They claim that they have been intimidated after the incident, during fasting month where the non muslim students are asked to have their meal in the changing room. Read about it HERE and HERE.

It is reported that, the parents of the 10 children are moving due to intimidation by the school authorities. One of the parents has make charges against the headmaster, but was arrested for doing so. 

Malaysia Tamilan Today Welfare, Secretary, K Gunasegaran, mention that the parents have lost faith with the school teachers and their headmaster.

The total student of the school is 1400 pupils and only 25 are non muslim.

The picture of the incident was circulated around the internet and it went viral, which cause an uproar among many people.

Many people were against the idea but there are still some who agree with the actions of the school.


Some people over the internet gave negative comments to Guneswari and other non muslim parents who was not happy of the incident. It was commented that the internet user told those who are not happy with how things work in SK Seri Pristana, they can leave the school and go to a vernakular school.

It is also reported that, the school headmaster, Mohamad Nasir was told to take one week leave following the controversial incident.

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