No matter what you do, this cup is unspillable

This is the mug that cannot be tipped over. It will not fall over.

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Everyone has accidentally knocked a glass of water or mug of coffee over to find that the liquid has flooded an important document or maybe ruined a favourite item placed nearby.

But a U.S. company claimed that they have invented a tall cup that is impossible to knock over.

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It’s called the Mighty Mug and it comes with ‘smartgrip technology’ that prevents it from falling over and it does not require users to push buttons or pull levers to enable the cup to leave the surface of a table or desk.

When the smartgrip base is placed on a smooth, flat surface, a small amount of air is trapped beneath it, creating a vacuum that locks the mug in place and prevent the possibility of someone accidentally knocking it over.

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On top of that, it also has insulated walls to maintain the temperature of hot or cold liquid and a leak proof lid so that when it is locked the drink is sealed inside.

The Mighty Mug comes in four colours and costs RM70.

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