New study shows being lazy at work is actually good

lazy malaysians

While employers might try to avoid hiring lazy millennials (aged 26-35) flooding the job market in Malaysia, a new study shows lazy workers might not be entirely worthless. 

The study comes via NPR piece about the phenomenon of people who “don’t seem to do much work at work” the people who browse Facebook, take long bathroom breaks, or simply stare into space rather than whatever task is providing them with their hourly wage.

According to Vice, a new study published in February’s issue of Nature, agriculture professor Eisuke Hasegawa found that widespread laziness in ant colonies can actually make the group stronger—the lazy ants act as reinforcements when the hard-working ants get burnt out.

The study found that 20 to 30 percent of ants in a colony spend their time grooming or just lying around, but under pressure they get shit done—a phenomenon mirrored by workplace procrastinators.

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