New Groupon Application Introduced in Malaysia

groupon app malaysia

Groupon is one of the best rated “Discount deals” over the world and they are growing very fast by coming up with new ways to make it easier for their customers.

Since Groupon was established in Malaysia in 2011, their customers have been growing widely. The best part is, the first month of launching it, they already received 500 solid customers purchasing their coupon deals. Now, as a token of appreciation and the continuous support by all of you, Groupon is launching a new iPad app for Malaysians.

The application is free to download and users/shoppers are able to purchase the deals as usual like how it’s done in the normal website but this time you can do it on-the-go. ¬†According to Groupon country general manager, Rafiq Razali, this new platform will definitely give users/shoppers a better shopping experience.