National Service camp (White Resort) is in a very bad condition

clogged sink

The featured image above is the actual sink from one of the National Service camp in Balik Pulau, Penang. The sinks are not the only one that are clogged daily, the toilets are clogged too!

Previously, this exact camp was believed to be one of the best sites among all. And now, it looks rubbish and it even caused some of NS trainees to resign. According to source, the trainees benefits have been decreased for example the amount of food given to them.

On the other side, the NS participants are also treated badly following with their living condition which is worse. The food has worms in it at times, broken toilet doors and they are given disgusting pillows to sleep on every night. Below is the exact picture of those pillows taken by one of the participant.



According to Pulau Bentong assemblyman, Farid Saad, he is very disappointed with the National Service Department and he urged for an immediate action taken by the department.

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