Naked woman walking on the road in Singapore

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Popular viral site Stomp from Singapore recently reported that there was a woman walking on the middle of the road in nude desperately trying to get herself to get knocked down by incoming vehicles 

The incident took place in Singapore at at the void deck of Block 11 in Upper Boon Keng in the morning of Jul 17.

According to the site, Stomper Ahmad saw a naked woman walking on the road in nude and she seemed to be deliberately trying to get herself hit by oncoming vehicles.

image via
image via
The witness said: 

“The woman who looked to be in her 20s was signalling to drivers on the road to hit her.

“As I was taking the video, I was shouting to my friends not to touch her but just try and block her way in case there was any misunderstanding.”

The video:

The witness and his friends tried calling her out to prevent her from getting hit by vehicles. She however continued her walk of shame.

“We called the police after that. When they arrived, they covered up to woman. As they were doing so, the woman still started shouting again. I am not sure what happened after that,” said Ahmad.

Singaporean police received a call at about 5.19 am requesting for assistance along Upper Boon Keng Location and the 24 year old woman has been arrested

Police investigations are ongoing.

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