Naked man in Kajang tries to rape a girl. He fell of a tree and broke his hand instead

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A stark naked man who had climb over a hostel bathroom wall in an attempt to rape a girl, fell off a tree instead as he attempted to escape after her friends came to her aid.
According to Kajang District Police Chief Assistant Commissioner Ab Rashid Ab Wahab, the victim, who was showering at the time, noticed the 23 year-old suspect hovering over her on the wall, when it stuck her as odd that the lights in the bathroom had suddenly gone dim. “The victim (female student) then looked up to the ceiling and was shocked when she saw a naked man climbing the bathroom wall – with his body (blocking) the light,” Ab Rashid was reported to have said in the Malaysian Digest.
When the perpetrator realised he was found out, he leapt onto the victim and attempted to rape her. The suspect covered the victim’s mouth to keep her from screaming but after a prolonged struggle, she managed to break free long enough to cry out for help. Her friends on hearing her in distress, rushed to her aid. The suspect meanwhile, having lost his nerve, hurriedly attempted to escape by climbing up a tree in his naked state only to crash to the ground after the tree branch he was standing on broke under his weight. “Investigations reveal that the suspect works as a construction worker and has two previous criminal records,” said Rashid. The victim meanwhile sustained injuries to her lips and body.

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