Najib’s Facebook Page looks more like a ”Hatebook”

Blogger Syed Akbar Ali said that Prime Minister Najib Razak’s public relations team should advice him to shut down his Facebook fan page since it has been overwhelmed by negative comments that has now turned it more like a ”Hatebook”.

najib's hatebook

 “I think his PR team, Media team, Social Media team etc are part of an internal conspiracy inside the PMO to embarrass and topple the PM,” he said cynically in his blog OutSyed The Box.
“They are not doing anything about all these negative and abusive comments on Najib’s Facebook. It is best to just shut down Najib’s Facebook page.”


True enough, most of the comments were nasty insults from outraged netizens who lambasted Najib for the various scandals attached to his name.

Syed warned Najib that he should “never underestimate the power of men and women determined to tell the truth”.

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