My First Week in the US of A

NIC_NEwYork02-compressed (2)

1. Bagel is life

These doughnut-shaped things are called bagels and I ate them for lunch. I was looking for rice and ended up eating this bulky doughnut. You can eat it with egg or cream cheese like I do! It’s pretty filling.

2. It’s cold

I am not cocking. This weekend supposed to be the coldest out of the whole winter this year. Just in the nick of time! Right this moment its -3 degrees celsius and it gets even colder at night. I get so amused when vapor comes out my mouth hahaha

3. Cops are everywhere


They just appear everywhere! & just like in the movies, they pull over whoever they want and always look cool doing it. Super badass I tell you!

4. There are no lights on Long Island Highways 

For someone who’s about to get her license, this is bad. Long Island is rural area. That explains why there are no lights on the highways. You get blinded by the headlights coming from the opposing direction and deer is on the roadkill menu.

5. Your English automatically sucks 


I get this anxiety talking to white people. I don’t know why but my English just comes crashing down when I converse. I feel like cutting my tongue off. People here in the Hamptons randomly assume your Hispanic and talks Spanish to you. I have the strong urge to say ‘Por favor, no comprende’ but I think I’ll embarrass myself.

6. Americans call you by your middle name

Thilakawathy is apparently too difficult to pronounce. Heck even Malaysians find it difficult to pronounce. They call me by Camillo. Advantages of having a cool as middle name. Flaunt it!

7. All foods are super-sized!!

Australian McDonalds Vs American McDonalds

Back in Malaysia, fun-sized was was the normal size. Here, super-sized meant extra extra extra large in Malaysian size. Do that even make sense? Everything is big here with even bigger appetites!

8. You eat and eat and eat

Given that I have reunited with my mom, all she does is cook for us. I have been eating and eating and eating to the point I have bowel problems (I know TMI) Don’t be surprised if I grow sideways. Booty is the new pink right? It’s winter, what option do I have? Eat and hibernate!

9. Arizona Tea is $2.99

I heard this is slowly becoming a big deal in Asia. Imagine this but a gallon. It’s only $2.99!

10. You shower once every 2 days 

I know… I know… eewww.. but its true! Showering everyday may dry your skin especially in this cold weather. I remember how I used to complain being sticky and oily if I hadn’t showered in 6 hours but here the grease is what you need to keep warm! P.S. I showered today okay! Don’t judge me.

Written by Thila Camillo

Blogger in the making, 18, free spirited, homebody, social butterfly and mad love for pandas.