Mr bean is doing better than most Malaysians

proud bean

Despite having little education. (One episode show him taking high school trigonometry/calculus exam and his age should be about 40+ if follows the age of its actor), having a mind of a 10 year old and a complete buffoon.

He seems to be doing better than most Malaysians … especially when comparing to Malaysian grads. If you don’t take into consideration “parents” support, most Malaysian grads can barely survive, living in a small room with shared bathroom and kitchen. Plus, most are forever alone anyways..

Mr Bean on the other hand…

1. Living in a studio apartment with his own kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom. He is financially independent and he is able to afford furniture and even a TV (quite expensive back in the days)

mr bean tv show

2. He has a girlfriend that love him very much even though he is an arse to her and shows no affection

mr bean girlfriend

3. He has plenty of activities although most of it shows him being alone. (Going to swimming, parks, picnics and many more)

mr bean activities

Most Malaysian grads…

1. Live with parents, if not sure die. If self support, can afford a small room with shared bathroom and kitchen with a laptop and shared internet only

single room

2. No girlfriend forever alone

forever alone best

3. No life at all, work 9-7 on average and during spare time play dota all day long as entertainment.

play dota

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