More Than 37% of People in the US Age 8+ Play PC Games


The entertainment software association recently has released a new report from the NPD Group reveals that 37 percent of the US population age 8 and up plays PC games and they do so for an average of more than 6 hours every week.

The report, Understanding PC Gaming: 2014 has distinguishes people who play games into three different groups. The casual gamers (those ho play non-core games), the light core gamer (those who play games in genres like MMO, RPG, or shooter for less than five hours per week), and lastly the heavy core gamer (those who play core games more than five hours a week).

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56 percent fall into the casual category as 24 percent falls under the light core account and lastly about 20 percent fall in the heavy core category. Despite heavy core being only in five players, they spent roughly twice as much on games in the last three months as casual players as of June. On average, players play for 6.4 hours per week.

“As with gaming consumers across all platforms, the PC Gamer is not a ubiquitous group, making it critical for anyone in the PC game space to understand the consumer segments and their respective behaviors,” said NPD analyst Liam Callahan.

The report also showed PC gaming space between male and female which was 51 percent of players are male while 49% percent are females. However female gamers are typically casual

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