Monsters wash ashore in Spain. A horned sea monster appears! But Dead.


What do you do when you found a ‘monster’ in a beach.?

Well, i think you should report to the authorities first. This particular horned sea monster was discovered by a woman near Almanzora Caves in Villaricos, Spain.

The ‘monster’ was about 4 meter’s long and was already rotting. Authorities came by and took many pictures and is said to have buried the creature instead of taking it back to the lab, due to ‘hyginic purposes’.



Unknown remains like these are label as ‘blobster’. This is not the first finding, there has been several cases of blobster, where unknown rotting body has been washed to shore and later discovered it to be a known animal.

The previous blobster which look like a prehistoric creature was known to be an orca (killer whale), because of it’s distinctive fin.



We now just have to wait for reports to identify this horn sea monster. Rumors have speculated that it might be an oarfish. 

Have you guys seen any unidentified dead carcass?

Watch the video of the discovery:

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