Monster under your bed? or.. in your bed!?


As a child, whenever we sleep alone in our bedroom, we are always afraid of monster coming from under the bed to grab you. So what do we do?

We protect ourselves by hiding under our own comforter (Blanket). It is our little sanctuary where no monster can touch us. 

But guess what, there is no such thing!! Monsters are on our bed, our pillow and even in our own comforter (Blanket). 


1. Mites!

There are two types of mites. 

The first : Follicle Mites.


It is about 0.19 mm in size and it feeds on your eyebrows and eyelashes where the fatty oil is produce.  You can’t really kill it by taking a shower. There are many steps to actually remove it. 

The Second : Dust Mites.

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It is about 0.33 mm in size and it eats your dead skin off your mattress. The only threat it poses is that you may sneeze, most of us are allergic to it. Just wash your bedding frequently and there won’t be any dust mites.


2. Bedbugs!


This guy is about 5 mm. You should be able to see it without going under the microscope or magnifying glass. Well, it loves blood and it loves to hide under your bed (The true monster) and crawl up to you, whenever you are asleep. When it bites, it leave a mark and it itch like crazy. Use heat to kill eat, occasionally put your bed, linen, pillow under the hot sun, or throw them into a hot dryer.


3. Sac Spiders!


It is about 5 mm to 10 mm in size. It loves dark corner, wall, ceiling and so on, another monster which lurks around your bedroom. When it bites, you will feel the pain and swelling and more  pain will come for 2 days. To kill it or make sure it’s not there, do clean your room regularly. 


Now, please thanks your mother if you never clean your room but still no monsters. Your mom is the reason why they are not there. 

Have a great day!

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