Ministry Official Claimed RM300k for a Geneva Trip Worth Less than RM50k

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The 2012 AG Report or also known as Auditor General Report shows that a senior officer from Communications and Culture Ministry claimed a total of RM303,813 for a four day study trip to Geneva.

According to the AG Report, the senior officer took a first class flight round trip, dined in fancy (expensive) restaurants, stayed in five star hotels and was even provided with allowance to shop for winter clothing. However, after all those are calculated, the amount that he claimed doesn’t make sense.

The claims were made base on the ministry’s project called the MERS 999 or also known as Malaysian Emergency Response Service whereby it’s a type of emergency number that was sub-contracted to Telekom Malaysia. The total project cost the government a whopping RM801.55 Million which took place from 2007 – 2012.

The problem here is there were so many claims made by the senior officer to the ministry but there were no receipt to prove the transactions. On the other side, Telekom Malaysia was overpaid by RM27.5 Million just for the MERS 999 project alone. Based on reports, TM claimed to hire professional consultants totaling to RM9.97 Million when it only cost RM8 Million to hire them.

On top of that, TM was paid RM6.7 Million for media publicity and to also educate children in schools about the whole Emergency Response Service. The problem is that the project was cancelled back in October 2008 but Telekom Malaysia continues to charge the Communications and Culture Ministry.

Despite getting overpaid, the project wasn’t really successful after all as the project report shows that TM provided an unsatisfying service whereby 7.65 Million (32.4%) calls which were made to the emergency line was unanswered.

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