Massive Internet Slowdown Across South East Asia (All Malaysian Internet Service Providers Are Affected)


If you are experiencing regular disconnects or slow internet speeds even when connected to Unifi without any downloads are on, news just got in saying that the Asian American Gateway (AAG) submarine cable system is causing data degradation, affecting Internet users in the South East Asia region accessing sites based in the US.

All Malaysian Internet Service Providers (ISPs) will face a similar issue though Telekom Malaysia (TM) is only ISP to have confirmed the issue. Streamyx and Unifi users will continue to experience slow internet speed when accessing US based servers resulting issues in slow loading times in sites like Facebook, Twitter and other American based servers. Even WhatsApp will see some slowdown in sending and receiving messages .


TM has revealed that repairs are underway but there is no estimated time of completion.

Written by FunnyMalaysia

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