Mario Balotelli posts gun message to ‘haters’ on Instagram


Recently, Mario Balotelli has posted a photo of himself posing with a gun on Instagram.

The image, on the social media website Instagram, had the message “a big kiss to all the haters”.


He has recently faced criticism over his performance in the World Cup.

He then later deleted the post. The picture angered Balotelli’s employers AC Milan but vice president Adriano Galliani admits the club are powerless and that they cannot stop players using social networks.


”I have my own ideas about social networks and I’ve tried many times but our lawyers has always stopped me, saying that it would violate individual rights, ” he said.

”In contracts it’s written what players can do and cannot do but we can’t do anything regarding their private lives. We do it vocally but that’s not enough.”

When Balotelli was in Manchester City in 2011, he was caught throwing darts at a youth team player and in 2010, he fired air pistols in Milan’s Piazza Della Repubblica

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