Marijuana Alert! : Devastation of a human Personality.


Marijuana is still considered a drug. And Drugs are never good for us. There will be many of those who claim Marijuana is non lethal and safe to be smoked. However, here are reports saying otherwise. Marijuana will eventually damage man’s most valuable possession which is his mind, his personality and his spirit.

It is learned that, a long term usage of Marijuana will effect our white blood cells and they would not be functioning properly thus it is unable to safeguard our body from diseases. Marijuana damages the DNA unlike any other drug, in a slow manner. Here are some more of the effects of Marijuana:


Erosion of Life:

To summarize things, the smoking of cannabis over a long period of time have a damaging effects on the lungs, sex organs, brain and immune system. It damages the cell slowly by regular pot smoking over the years.
Pot smoking also have psychological effect which is addiction. In the 80’s marijuana was smoked by a lot of youngsters.


The Pot personality:

Not everyone has this personality. Some high achievers do smoke weed too, but gradually all users, young and old will have to compromise their true potential, their activities and their life style.  Heavy users, most of it will develop a ‘pot personality’ symptoms.
So what is this “pot personality”?. It has been studied and concluded that the symptoms are impaired short-term memory, emotional flatness, and the amotivational syndrome (or dropout syndrome). This can progress from dropping out of school, sports, family and friends. Other typical symptoms includes diminished will power, concentration, attention span, ability to deal with complex problems, and cant deal with frustration. And the most apparent symptom would also be the denial of medical evidence that marijuana is physically and psychologically harmful. Marijuana is more harmful then drinking.


Dramatic Changes:

Unlike drinking, after a day you will sober up, however this is not the case for pot smokers. It is known as the “holdover” effect.  Smokers will remain in a state of sub-acute intoxication.  Alcohol is water soluble and can be wash off after drinking lots of fluid, however weed is fat soluble and accumulate in fatty organs (Brain is one-third fat). It takes a while for the cannabis to seep back into the bloodstream so they can be metabolized and eliminated. 


Reference: Readers digest: Marijuana Alert III: The devastation of personality.

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