Man strips and held own girlfriend as hostage with a meat cleaver.


Love has made men do crazy stuff again. Earlier today, a construction worker has kidnap his own girlfriend and held her hostage with a meat cleaver.
This crazy situation takes place on top of a rooftop. What’s more crazy is, the man strip himself and his girlfriend.


The man is only identified as a32-year-old Chinese man, named as Lin. 

His girlfriend is identified as a 29-year-old Chinese woman. Lin strip his girlfriend in intention of shaming her for alleged infidelities. 


This whole crazy situation happens because the girlfriend parents disapproved of their marriage. Even the man’s parents disapproved of the marriage.

After hours of negotiations, police eventually gave in to his demands which is to have a getaway car. However they manage to chase and tackled him down before Lin gets to the car. 




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