Man Shocked To Find A Complete Copy Of His Car On The Road

malaysia copy car

Facebook user Steevan Sinniah was driving along Jalan Jelatek in KL in his Honda Odyssey when he suddenly saw another similar looking car with the exact same registration plate. 

At first, Steevan thought he was hallucinating- but as he jolted back to reality, he realised that the car was an exact copy of his. He was shocked and also realised that the car could be used with criminal intent; which would then be assumed by authorities to be carried out by him, making him an open target to wrongful accusation.

He immediately sped up beside the clone of his car and saw that the driver was laughing and having a ball in the car with his wife and kid, a toddler. Steevan then honked at the car, signaling him to pull over to the side so he could get an explanation but the driver sped off.

malaysia copy car

However, the traffic was slow and he managed to follow him but the trail went cold when the driver parked his car at a parking lot and ran off with his wife and kid.

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