Man secretly paid for Tony Fernandes’ lunch, gets a free ticket to Maldives in return


A man recently paid for Tony Fernandes’ lunch and in return he was given a free ticket to Maldives. 

According to a report by Guang Ming Daily (translated by The Star Online), 27 year old Jackson Yee was having his birthday lunch alone when he noticed Fernandes and a group of his friends sitting in front of him at a Putrajaya restaurant on June 29.

Jackson told the Chinese daily that he wanted to take a picture with Fernandes as he is one of his idols, but decided against it as the AirAsia boss was engaged in a conversation with his friends.

Instead, he paid for Fernandes’ lunch and left him a note, thanking him for being such an inspiration to all Malaysians.

Fernandes then posted the note on his Facebook page, and offered Jackson a ticket to the Maldives, which he accepted.

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