Man Murdered Inside A Sunken Car In Puchong

sunken car pj

PETALING JAYA, May 10 — Five suspects were picked up by police in connection with the murder of a man who was found in the trunk of a sunken car on Sunday in Puchong.

A police source revealed that the motive of the murder was drug-related and the suspects were allegedly linked to a similar murder case last week in Kajang.

The source also said a territorial dispute between rival gangs had led to the deaths.

“It is believed the suspects were killing off members from their rival gang over breach of territory,” the source said.

The victim, known as Saravanan Gopal, 29, had been missing since last Monday. He was found dead in the trunk of his BMW which was underwater for five days at Taman Putra Prima, Puchong in a mining pool.

The source said two suspects were picked up on Saturday, while three others around Klang Valley over the weekend.

It is learnt that police were aware of the sunken car and the victim upon interrogation of the first two suspects. All suspects are between the age of 27 and 43.

A relative of the victim, who requested to be anonymous, said the family was contacted by the police at 9pm yesterday to identify the body at Serdang Hospital.

He said the family suspected something was wrong last Monday, when their calls to the victim was not attended.

“His wife said that he told her he was going out at 5pm and that was about it. She did not think much about it and she went out in another car with their two children,” he said.

“We tried to call him at 7pm, but there was no response. We only realised his phone had been switched off after his wife tried to reach him. It was unusual for him to ignore our calls.”

The relative said the family tried to locate the victim after police told them that they could only file a missing persons report after 24 hours.

“It was frustrating. We knew something was wrong and we could not wait. So, we searched hospitals in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor as we assumed he was involved in an accident,” he said.

He said they lodged two police reports last Tuesday and Wednesday.

“We gave the police all the necessary information. We were worried when the police did not get back to us. We were told there were no elements of kidnapping but told to inform them if we get a call from kidnappers,” he said.

“From what we know, he did not have any enemies. He was a regular man. He worked as a circulation staff with a business paper.”

Selangor Criminal Investigation Department chief Datuk Mohd Adnan Abdullah said police were waiting for DNA and post-mortem results.

The case is being investigated for murder.