Malindo Air Flight From Subang to Kuala Terengganu Made an Emergency Landing as it’s Engine Caught Fire

malindo air engine caught on fire

We all know about the MH370 incident and it’s definitely heartbreaking. But do you know that last week one of Malaysian Airlines flight that was carrying 180 passengers hit a flock of ducks causing broken glasses and as well as a broken landing?

On top of that, on Monday (24th of March 2014) another Malaysian Airlines flight was actually forced to land in Hong Kong as it suffered a technical problem on it’s onboard generator.

Well, we are not sure what’s going on with Malaysian Airlines but recently Malindo Air (another Malaysian flight company) has made the situation even worst. Flight ATR 72-600 that was on it’s way from Subang airport to Kuala Terengganu had to make an emergency landing as one of it’s engines caught fire as soon as it took off.

According to Malindo Air spokesperson, Raja Sa’adi, the pilot quickly switched off the flaming engine and headed back to the airport as soon as possible. He also added that no one was hurt in the incident. At the moment, the cause of the incident is being investigated and it has also been reported to the aircraft manufacturer.

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