Malaysia’s National Carrier Uniforms To Be Redesigned!

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Malaysia Airlines Bhd (MAB) has announced a strategic partnership with fashion brand Farah Khan to re-energise the design aesthetic of the Malaysia Airlines iconic kebaya and other uniforms.

The fashion brand creative director, Datuk Seri Farah Khan, will design the full range of uniforms of various departments of the airline, which includes its flight deck, cabin crew, airport and engineering outfits through the partnership.

The Malaysia Airlines uniforms, especially the kebaya, has served as an iconic symbol and a source of great pride for generations, said the Malaysia Airlines chief commercial officer Paul Simmon.

“With this collaboration, we look forward to taking this a step further, creating a fashionable and functional new collection,” he said on Tuesday.

Simmon said the new uniforms would continue to be a point of pride for Malaysians as well as to mark a fresh new start of MAB transformation for all customers who will fly with the Malaysia Airlines.

Meanwhile, Farah also said that MAB clothes were a composite of many facets that fascinated her and her team, while the designs were a sum of their inspirations.

“I am hugely excited about this partnership and the opportunity to make a positive impact in terms of the comprehensive look of cabin crew, ground staff and the rest of Team Malaysia Airlines,” Farah said.

Farah said her aim was to present Malaysia’s graciousness, warmth and hospitality through her designs.

Farahs designs are favoured internationally and available across more than 70 cities worldwide.

The new collection is expected to be unveiled in the fourth quarter of 2016, going into production soon after. – Bernama