Internet Connection Speed in Malaysia Ranks 73rd in The World

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Akamai is one of the biggest content delivery network and cloud service provider in the world. This gives them the ability to gauge the quality of Internet connection throughout the world.

According to Lowyat.NET, the latest report by Akamai shows that Malaysia’s average connection speed in Q4 2015 is said to be 5.2 Mbps which is 7.5% better than Q3 2015 and 28% better than Q4 2014.

But, when compared to other countries, Malaysia is more or less in the middle of the group. 

malaysia internet connection speed

For example, the average connection speed in Singapore and Thailand are better than Malaysia at 13.9 Mbps and 9.3 Mbps respectively. At the same time, Malaysia is still better than Indonesia, Vietnam, and The Philippines that were rated at 3.9 Mbps, 3.8 Mbps, and 3.2 Mbps respectively.

Globally, Malaysia is ranked 73rd in terms of average connection speed and 55th for average peak connection speed.

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