Malaysians will get a chance to see planet Saturn this Friday

planet saturn

Malaysians will get a chance to see the planet Saturn which is a very rare opportunity after sunset on Friday.

Its position opposite the sun during this time would make the ringed planet closest to Earth, National Space Agency (Angkasa) research officer at the Langkawi National Observatory, Farahana Kamarudin told Bernama.

“This date will give the best position for researchers and astronomy enthusiasts to view the planet because it will be at its brightest, making it easy for viewing and recording. If you are viewing it with the unaided eye, it can be seen as a bright star,” she said.

You may need a telescope or a binoculars to get a better view.

Farahana said the planet could also be seen in an open space, without clouds or excessive light.

“In fact, if you use the smartphone, you can use the Google Sky or StarMap software to help track the planet,” she was quoted further.

Saturn was previously in this spot on May 23 2015.

For those who missed it last year, don’t miss this opportunity this Friday.