Malaysians should invest more in marriage and less in wedding

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I GOT married five years ago to my best friend Gobala Krishnan. I first noticed him during our university orientation in 1998.

We never spoke much to each other throughout our undergraduate years. He said he did notice my presence but that I did not look approachable.

To cut the story short, we were just strangers for many years. However, due to a twist in fate, we met again in 2006 and the rest is history. Gobala has admirable qualities. He is a soft-spoken and well-mannered guy.

He is also a tech-savvy person with entrepreneurial skills and best of all, he rarely gets angry over anything.I am just the opposite.

However, when it comes to spending, my husband likes to indulge in the finest things while I like to buy things based on what it’s worth. If I need to walk a few metres to buy something at a cheaper price, I will do it.

My husband was shocked when I told him I did not want a diamond ring when we were about to get married and we  settled on an identical pair of platinum wedding rings.

When it came to our wedding plans, I did not want an expensive wedding saree nor did I hire a wedding planner.

Let’s just say I was never a big fan of all the female fairytale lead characters since I was a young girl. I did not want to look like Cinderella or Snow White in their wedding gowns. Why steal their look?

As for my wedding reception, I  got a friend who is a local designer to sew my reception dress. It was cost-effective and the dress was beautiful. Those who had to buy or even rent a wedding gown will tell you that this can be an expensive affair.

However, I did not compromise on my make-up and got  a professional make-up artist to do it for me. The photographers and videographers were also professionals as I believe photographs will be there forever and as such, are must-haves.

Throughout making our wedding plans, there were stressful moments mostly related to dealings with our parents.

Most parents want their version of an ideal wedding for their children. But sometimes, it will be good to
listen to their children’s wants. After all, it is their son or daughter’s wedding.

Despite everything, the wedding went on smoothly. My husband and I are now blessed with a baby girl who just turned two and I often tell my single friends to find a partner who will share the ups and downs that a marriage will bring.

In my case, my husband has been a supportive partner, always encouraging  me to scale greater heights.
Since our daughter was born, he is the one who gets up at night, when she cries, to feed her.

He wakes up at 7am no matter how late he goes to bed on weekdays to send her to the early learning
centre, and also fetches her in the evening, and feeds her meals.

He is totally into sharing parenting responsibility.As he runs his own business, he enjoys time flexibility, unlike me. Gobala is a highly motivated person and works hard to provide for our family.

He’s a good husband and father. We do have our differences but we continue to support each other.

I praise the Lord for all the simple things we both share as husband and wife, especially since several of our friends’ marriages ended within the first few years. Their struggle started from the first day of their wedding preparations.

A well-planned wedding does not necessarily guarantee a good marriage. Let’s invest in our marriages and less on weddings.

 Originally written by: Sheila Sri Priya

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