Malaysians should beware of this new water filter scam called Kadyn

water filter scam in malaysia

Three girls (marketing people), came to my house and at that point of time I was at work and only my wife was at home. 

They came to my house and said that they want to check water quality and they also mentioned they are from this Persatuan Water Society nonsense. Then they starting promoting their water filter and my wife said that she doesn’t want it and told them to wait for me to come back.

However, these girls insist to install the filter. And they did.

Cost: RM3,000! WTF BRO! But the good news my wife only paid RM300 for deposit and some insurance nonsense.

This is how the water filter looks like:

kadyn water filter

Once I came back, I called and ask them to remove it but they say their supervisor and technician are all busy and they will set another time to uninstall.

Today I called and they said that they are in a meeting and they will call me later. But so far, no call yet.

I went to their website and I also found their Testimonial section are mostly given by housewives. I think they target housewife who are alone at home all the time. (This is the screenshot of the Testimonial section of their site)

house wife

I told this to my friends and they said got another group of scammers who goes around houses selling cooking gas hose to housewives.

What do you think?

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